Another Granny does her thing

The title is not mine, it was suggested.

The photos were not taken by me, but I promised them back at the beginning of June.

Sure you know what a brazen hussy I am…. And the same guy was involved in that story too.

You might remember, I wrote about having a call from my friend Brian, while he was out walking one morning. He noticed something outside a house that made him think of me, so he phoned. Although it was a road he knew well and travelled almost daily when at home, he rarely passed there on foot. The road is narrow and with a lot of traffic so stopping in the car is not an option.

So what did he see…..

What a wonderful way to re-purpose those books that you are finished with and perhaps discover a few treasures that others leave outside your door!

The final photograph is the view of Dublin Bay from behind the book box, on a grey day. Taken from Baldoyle, it is looking southward.

Dublin Bay, on the east coast of Ireland, is curved like open arms ready to give a great big hug to all who visit! The bay is about 10 kilometres wide and stretches from Howth Head in the north to Dalkey Point in the south.

 Photo credit: Bronwen Maher's Dublin Bay

Photo credit:
Bronwen Maher’s Dublin Bay

Thank you Brian, for the photos!

14 thoughts on “Another Granny does her thing

  1. Alice

    I already have dozens I could contribute. The book box is a good idea. Here in Utah there’s a group that collect books to donate to the prisons.

  2. nrhatch

    We have a “library” in our neighborhood that works on the same principle ~ borrow books or donate books. The shelves are always filled with great possibilities.

    But the view isn’t quite so nice as at that book box!

    1. Grannymar

      I doubt it would work near here either, not enough traffic past my door and out at the road, it would be vandalised and the books burnt! 🙁


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