If you go down to the woods today….

As you all know, I love sculpture. Barbara my wonderful niece with a magic eye for the camera, shared the wonders she discovered while walking in the woods near Farnham in Surrey, England. I So want to go there and experience the place for myself. I particularly loved the shoe trees. What is your favourite?

I am still having fun and being absolutely spoiled, but I may wait until I get home to blog about my adventures!

27 thoughts on “If you go down to the woods today….

    1. Grannymar

      Cathy, sculpture parks are becoming popular in this neck of the woods too. It is wonderful to so many artists recognised for their efforts.

  1. Barbara

    Al has said he wants me to put the park on his itinerary when he is in London, so maybe you could come over & meet him then…. Unless they are planning a visit to Ulster too 🙂

    1. Al

      That would be a wonderful idea.Still shooting for 2014. We have to go to a family wedding in California this fall so that will blow all our travel money for this year.

  2. Alice

    OMG! What a fantastic sculpture park that is; I’d love to visit that myself! As for my favorite, it’s almost impossible to say. How about my least favorite instead? That would be the rudder and the disc. That one with the babies flung up on the headless horses is rather intriguing, however. I wonder what the artist was trying to tell us with that one?!!? Thanks for sharing this one.


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