Thursday Special ~ Nursing!!

A very tired nurse walked into a bank, totally exhausted after an 18-hour shift.

Preparing to write a cheque, she pulled a rectal thermometer out of her purse and tried to write with it.

When she realised her mistake, she looked at the flabbergasted teller and, without missing a beat, said:

‘Well, that’s great! That’s just great! Some arsehole’s got my pen.”



Thanks to Tom the teller for this weeks tit-bit.

23 thoughts on “Thursday Special ~ Nursing!!

  1. mayoe

    is this sort of like a lady wanting to pull out of her purse a Purell Instant Hand Sanitizing Wipe and instead pulling out a condom packet. Just wondering!

    1. Grannymar

      Elly’s favourite pass time as a toddler was to take everything out of my handbag, one item at a time and wave it about for all to see. I eventually bought her a bag of her own and I think she still has it!.


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