Blog visiting has been light while I am enjoying my holiday.

The torrential rain and electric storms since Wednesday, have as they say in cricket & tennis terms, stopped play. Access to the internet and landline phones at my sister’s house has been interrupted. Thankfully the flooding further down the avenue, has not reached us.

We drove through light floods on our journey home across the city yesterday afternoon, and when we reached the driveway of my sister’s house, the rain pounded while nature’s fireworks entertained us as we sat trapped in the car for at least fifteen minutes!

Simultaneously we both asked: “Are we safe to be let out on a day like this?”  My sister has a metal plate, pins and screws in her foot following a bad ankle injury some years ago, and I have a metal hip.

In the car we were sitting on rubber tyres and not touching the ground, so considered we were quite safe.

A couple of years earlier a young child was playing in a park not many miles as the crow flies from that spot when lightening struck and killed him. Metal pins and screws in his arm were said to be the reason the lightening hit him.

My LBC post is ready – in my head – but will be late appearing on line. I feel bad since the choice of topic was down to me.

Laters folks!

Now I wonder if this will go live on one bar of internet access……

16 thoughts on “Interruption

  1. nick

    I would advise a small lightning conductor attached to the top of your head. They’re quite fashionable, I believe. I’m sure Kate Moss was wearing one just the other day.

    1. Grannymar

      I suppose we really get off lightly, but temperatures over 30°C are extreme for the fair skinned folk from Ireland. Just as we are becoming used to it, the rain returns with a vengeance.

  2. rummuser

    Lightening is unlikely to strike any of your LBC consorts. Take your time. They are all nuts anyway and at least one more has some metal inside him.

  3. Brighid

    Better safe than sorry, since you both were prime conductors. I love thunder storms, something about all that energy. Been hotter than hot here, and a nice rain would be wonderful, but of course it would play havoc with all the harvesting…

  4. mike

    A day of rain here on Friday, with very little lightning and thunder — very unusual rain for July in Arkansas — followed by a comfortable Saturday for an outdoor gathering of family at our niece’s farm about 2 1/2 hours drive from here.


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