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Thursday Special ~ Nursing!!

A very tired nurse walked into a bank, totally exhausted after an 18-hour shift.

Preparing to write a cheque, she pulled a rectal thermometer out of her purse and tried to write with it.

When she realised her mistake, she looked at the flabbergasted teller and, without missing a beat, said:

‘Well, that’s great! That’s just great! Some arsehole’s got my pen.”



Thanks to Tom the teller for this weeks tit-bit.

Why I was missing

Monday morning and I am still away from home. The glorious sunshine continues and at times the temperatures are way above my comfort zone. I think I was born on a bad day for thermostats… my body copes badly with extreme heat or cold.

My week began well with interesting activities right through to Wednesday night. I was due to move to Elly’s on Thursday and had arranged to meet up with one of my brothers for coffee or lunch.

Alas, I woke with a bug, and after a delayed start I thought I was well enough to keep to my plans…. thinking is one thing….

I set out to join the M50, motorway – a C-shaped ring around the north-eastern, northern, western and southern sides of the capital city, Dublin. I am no stranger to it and have been using it since it was completed in 2005. It is the gateway to reach many of my family and friends.

On Thursday I was headed for junction 13, sure it was a case of taking the slip road followed by a couple of turns and I would be there at my brother’s gate…. thirty minutes at most! Getting to junction 13 slip road was no problem. It was the beginning of a nightmare!

Before you ask, I do not use a GPS, I hate them. I prefer to look at a map, note the places I am going through and follow the road signs.

The area between Dundrum and Sandyford is now like a satellite town, buildings sprouting like weeds everywhere and no recognizable land marks to cling on to. The road signs were confusing. Very confusing. I was going round in circles, the day was getting hotter and my energy levels sinking faster than the air from a burst balloon. I pulled over.

I called my brother and he sorted me out, we had our coffee. I was poor company, but he told me it was the reason he always suggested meeting me on my turf or temporary place of abode, because unless you were actually living in the area, it was impossible to find.

I arrived back at Elly’s house mid afternoon and headed for bed. I slept most of the day and the next. By Saturday evening I was beginning to feel peckish and George tempted my taste buds with tasty morsels. It worked.

Yesterday I was well enough to join the Pratt family for George’s birthday (actual date 17th July) party/BBQ with fifteen people and ten dogs. it was fun! Well worth all the sleep of the previous days! More photos and details to follow.

A taste of my Dublin Week

Sheep shade

Sheep shade

Monday sun and rising...

Monday sun and rising…

Not over yet

I have been on holiday since last Sunday and it is not over yet. My visits round the blog world should resume once I return home next week.

You never know, I might tell you what I was up to!

Not over yet was chosen for us this week by Will Knott. All the links to members Of the Loose Blogging Consortium, are listed in the side bar, so why not pour a cool drink and enjoy a relaxing read of all the entries.

Thursday Special ~ Moles & Holes

A papa mole, a mama mole, and a baby mole,
all live together in a little mole hole.

One day, papa mole sticks his head
out of the hole, sniffs the air and said,
‘ Yummy! I smell maple syrup!’

The mama mole sticks her head out of the hole,
sniffs the air and said, ‘Oh, Yummy! I smell honey!’

Now baby mole is trying to stick his head
out of the hole to sniff the air, but can’t
because the bigger moles are in the way.
This makes him whine, ‘Geez, all I can smell is….


I have David to thank for this one.

If you go down to the woods today….

As you all know, I love sculpture. Barbara my wonderful niece with a magic eye for the camera, shared the wonders she discovered while walking in the woods near Farnham in Surrey, England. I So want to go there and experience the place for myself. I particularly loved the shoe trees. What is your favourite?

I am still having fun and being absolutely spoiled, but I may wait until I get home to blog about my adventures!

Adventure time

By the time I get to Phoenix Dublin I’ll be roasted!

Never mind the flags, have the hugs ready!

I know these guys will be waiting for me!

I am sure there will be a few warm blooded Toyboys too!