My best friend

I did have a ‘best friend’ but unfortunately illness and age took my Anam Cara from me.

A friend is: A PERSON WHOM ONE KNOWS, LIKES, AND TRUSTS. There are many in my life who fit this description.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a friend as:

1 a : one attached to another by affection or esteem
   b : acquaintance

2 a : one that is not hostile
   b : one that is of the same nation, party, or group

3 : one that favors or promotes something (as a charity)

4 : a favored companion

5 capitalized : a member of a Christian sect that stresses Inner Light, rejects sacraments and an ordained ministry, and opposes war —called also Quaker

I wonder which of the above you think fits our particular friendship

I wonder if Delores, from Life on a Limb was checking up to see if we actually had a friend, never mind ‘My Best Friend‘, by suggesting this topic? 😉 You know I am teasing her, we are all good friends in the LBC, even those who are sleeping! For sleeping read busy, working, distracted or on holiday. The names are all listed over in the sidebar.

20 thoughts on “My best friend

  1. nick

    I’ve got plenty of friends but I’ve never had a best friend apart from my long-suffering spouse, ha ha. It’s very hard to find someone you get on with so well you can share absolutely anything and pour out your troubles (and joys) to. People are wary of getting too close to another person. Or they’re friends for a while and then they take against you for some strange reason. Friendship is a funny business.

  2. rummuser

    None of the definitions other than the first one appeals to me. I don’t think that linguists have yet come up with a suitable definition for the strong bonds that develop over the internet as they have among blogger friends in general and the LBC in particular. Why don’t you come up with a word for that?

  3. wisewebwoman

    My favourite which I don’t see on your list and it comes from “Anne of Green Gables” and it is “Kindred Spirits”. There are a few in my life so I am blessed.


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