Daily Archives: September 6, 2013

Wrong fit

Fitzgerald & Stapleton Dance Theatre are performing Wage at this years Dublin Fringe Festival.

Emma and Áine are performing in the festival with WAGE, a show they made and performed in New York last year. This time round they wanted to rework the piece to include MINE with the existing choreographic score for the Dublin festival.

They wrote to me last week to ask for my permission to perform it. Why?

We would need a tardis to take us back in time… back to a blog post I wrote in my old blog in 2010. (The site is down at the moment, thought it was live last weekend, while my toyboys work on updating and moving all the old posts to the my new home).

MINE is an interactive online choreographic process involving Fitzgerald & Stapleton and four Irish women who live in different locations around Ireland and are aged between 8 and 63 years – Poppy Kane, Jenny Doyle, Kay O’Grady, and Grannymar.

Their plan was to work with each participant to create four individual choreographic scores over an 8 week period.

The work was completed and the problem of funding, loomed large. Things went quiet. The last time I heard from the girls, they were in New York (a previous visit), and there was still no sign of funding. Perhaps MINE was a ‘wrong fit’ for that time.
That did not mean it was a lost cause altogether, it was a hurdle to be jumped at another time. That time is now.

I will leave you in the good hands of the other LBC active members to check how they handle the topic Wrong fit chosen for us this week by Will Knott, while I head for the Project Arts Centre in Temple Bar, Dublin, to see Wage.