‘Beauty is the size of your heart, NOT the size of your jeans.’ No idea who said that.

My jeans are long but small. Hearts are small.

An average heart weighs 10 ounces. For something that small it can cause a mighty lot of problems.

I sometimes wonder if I really have a heart and if it is made of wood?

Maybe by the end of the day I will have an answer!

Buffy practicing for blog posting

Buffy practicing for blog posting

Buffy, will you mind Tobias for me today? Sure, now you know how to type on the keyboard. You are not to spend half the day on YouTube barking at the dogs and cats!

Laters folks!

16 thoughts on “Hearts

  1. Brighid

    Hope all is getting better. We had a scare with the daughter’s heart recently. They ran tons of tests, in perfect health. I think it was caused by stress, all our worry about the devil doc being deployed back to Afghanistan, again. Prayers for all.

    1. Grannymar

      Brighid, I’m a tough cookie, I’ll get there…. wherever that is! 😆

      I agree, prayers for all! Glad your daughter is doing fine. Sometimes these health scares are a reminder to take more care of ourselves.


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