Wait one minute…!

You don’t mean…….

You don’t really mean to tell me…..

That all the LBC members took me seriously and did what I asked?

Well, I suppose I better do the rounds to see what they waited one minute to tell me!

What have I to say about waiting a minute… It is what I will be doing for the next few weeks, since driving is off limits and once I go home, transport will be by bus.

Now where did I put that time table?

34 thoughts on “Wait one minute…!

    1. Ursula

      My thought entirely, Ramana. Grannymar is shrouding herself in mystery. Though do have my own ideas what’s behind some of her recent hints. Not, of course, that is any of our business.


    1. Grannymar

      The buses in my neck of the woods are very erratic. Chuck, Elly will not allow me go home until I can walk properly for at least as mile on my own two feet. I am getting there.

    1. Grannymar

      I had a walk with Elly on Monday, George on Thursday and by myself yesterday, Friday. Buffy will have to wait a week or three, she is far too fast. Now to find a hill to climb before I go home.


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