The Onion Seller

The Onion Seller

The Onion Seller

The Onion Seller ~ Bronze
Sculptor ~ Séamus Murphy (1907-1975)

This is a monument to the women dealers in the Coal Quay, Cork City Open Market.

The Onion Seller-2

It was erected on February 27th 1986 and unveiled on February 28th 1986 by the Lord Mayor, Alderman Dan Wallace TD as a gift to the City of Cork to commemorate Cork 800 by Sunbeam Wolsey PLC.

Séamus Murphy was born at Greenhill, Burnfort, Mallow, Co Cork.

15 thoughts on “The Onion Seller

  1. Deb

    Interesting that it’s sponsored by a Micky Dee’s franchise. Here they just put up clown statues in the parking lots. Lovely piece, hard to process culturally as North America is so very different than the “Old Country”. My first impression was one of impoverishment, but then, maybe not – I’d like to visit Ireland, my genetic roots are there. Thanks for posting this Grannymar, you provoke thoughtfulness with your lovely photos. I’m glad to have discovered you. 🙂
    Cheers from Western Canada!

  2. Brighid

    Great that they immortalized the onion seller. Looks as if her head and hands are disproportionate to her body… maybe that’s just my perception.

  3. nick

    She hasn’t many onions. She couldn’t have made much money out of those. Or maybe she has a little stockpile somewhere in the vicinity?


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