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Ego – The False Center, is how Osho describes it, in From Beyond the Frontier of the Mind.

To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive, and the true success is to labour.
~ Robert Louis Stephenson.

I have travelled hopefully all my life, alas recently there have been times where I either did not arrive, or arrived in a different place or condition. Before you ask:- No drink was involved on any of these occasions!

I think it was Pope Francis who said: “egoism” has grown much more than “love of others”.

I think it is time for us to take lessons from the animals of our world….

Mrs Peggy Mangan, 65, suffered from Alzheimer’s.

She left her home on Mount Tallant Avenue in Terenure, Dublin, at 11 a.m. on Tuesday morning 22nd September, to walk her King Charles spaniel. She didn’t return home and the family notified the Gardai.* The Gardai sought the help of the public through all social media outlets, volunteers rallied and a search began.

Mrs Mangan’s body was found under a tree in grassy wasteland beside Ikea shopping centre in Ballymun, on the north side of Dublin, in the late afternoon of Saturday 26th September. FOUR days after she left home.

Casper, her pet King Charles spaniel was found standing over the body when police made the discovery. The dog was taken to an animal rescue where it was diagnosed as starving and dehydrated.

Casper died a few hours later.

I was walking Buffy on the occasion of my last fall. Buffy is always ready to make an escape to explore the world around her. As I hit the ground the handle of her lead left my hand. Hearing the sound of the handle hitting the ground, Buffy turned to see what had happened. She returned to my side immediately and stayed beside me until a man arrived to help me to my feet and take me back to Elly & George’s house. Buffy led the way.

For the remainder of my stay Buffy never left my side. She followed me about the house, but never walked across my path or got in my way. She was minding me.


Our unconditional LBC leader, Conrad, had the choice of Ego  for us to play with today. He has been rather swamped with work (a good way to be in these difficult times) and family commitments, in recent months. I do hope he finds a small window to joins us this week. The links to all the Loose Blogging Consortium members are over in the sidebar, alas not all are active these days. Do you think some of them have fallen asleep?

* the Gardai or ‘An Garda Síochána’ to give it the full official title, translates as “the Guardian(s) of the Peace”, is the police force of Ireland.