My greatest fear

Fear of what?

  1. Going grey – Half way there already.
  2. Wrinkles – I prefer to call them my character lines.
  3. Putting on weight – With a body mass index of 21.31, I have no need to worry about weight.
  4. The dark – Living on the edge of a small town, I am surrounded by light of some degree 24/7.
  5. Spiders – I am way bigger than them so no need to worry.
  6. Mice – See answer to no 5.
  7. Falling – Why worry, I have little left to bruise or break.
  8. Dying – Why fear it, we are all going the same journey, at different speeds or modes of transfer.
  9. Death – When it happens, I will know nothing about it.

So, no I have no fear, great or small.

What about you?

I wonder what Delores, at Life on a limb had in mind when she chose the topic My greatest fear for us to chew on. We have reduced the LBC list (in the side bar) to those who are writing with us on a regular basis. As others return, I will add them to the list.

34 thoughts on “My greatest fear

  1. kenju99

    Well, then, number ten is what I would want to know…..LOL

    I don’t really fear much, but spiders and snakes are on the list; just low down on it.

  2. Mere Frost

    1. Losing my hair! Yikes!
    2. Wrinkled neck and having to wear turtlenecks and scarves! In the summer? Oh no! LOL
    3. Sagging bottom! How low can it go? 😉
    4. The dark – Me too! I live on a farm and no street lights. So glad I (and all my neighbors) have a big farm light!
    5. Spiders – Add ticks to the spiders! They are just as fast!
    6. Losing my sight and hearing or my mind.
    7. Driving into a ditch in a blizzard and freezing to death! White outs are terrifying.
    8. Losing someone I love.
    9. Never again being able to feel the sunshine on a cool fall day or snow on Christmas Eve with my family.

    1. Grannymar


      1. I watch my friend lose her hair several times due to Chemotherapy. Each time it grew back it became more curly and stronger that her original straight variety.

      3. Try standing on your hands for ten minutes each day…. gravity will put things back in the right place!! 😉

      8. Having watched my soul-mate slowly disintegrate over six years, I decided that if I could survive that, I could survive anything life threw at me.

  3. Maria

    Something strange in the comments, I don’t see the mis-spelt name one now. Here it was:

    Going grey? Already there. Thanks to Monsieur Garnier, no need to panic.I’m afraid I’m not one of those ladies who glories in grey. With my long mane, I’d look like a witch out of a Harry Potter movie.

    Wrinkles? You just have to keep smiling. And remember to drink loads of water and don’t forget to pile on the moisturiser – and perhaps the sunscreen too if you live where I do. I should use sunscreen more, I suppose.

    Putting on weight? I’m already fighting a losing battle with the flab. You’ve already seen my barrel- like appearance The fact that Indian food is so oil-rich doesn’t help. But I’m determined to tone up and knock off a few pounds.

    Afraid of the dark? Sure, what’s there to be afraid of? It’s exciting, not scary.

    Spiders? Nah. I hate them, but I’m not afraid of them. Like you say, they’re too small.

    Mice/Rats? No. They’re all around me. Just set the traps and get on with your life.

    Death/dying? I want to live every day as if it was my last. And I don’t fear dying at all. I only hope it happens when I’ve done all I want to do. I’m sure it will be the greatest challenge/adventure of all.

  4. nick

    I fear physical and mental decrepitude as I get older. I’m so reliant on being fit and healthy I would find any major decline in health very depressing.

  5. wisewebwoman

    if I allow myself to think about it that my life will outlast my means. But on most days I don’t think that. Plus a few more but that’s enough. Mainly I am fear-free.


    1. Grannymar

      I had a friend who spent her life ‘not living’ while stashing everything away for the future. Her future never had a chance to come, she dropped dead suddenly at forty, Apart from the shock, it was a lesson for me to live now!

      1. Mere Frost

        I saw this on WWW’s blog. Previous questions from Grannymar! I love this! 😀
        My ten questions from Grannymar are:

        1.Your day so far, tell us about it in no more than ten words. – Cozy, warm, and peaceful enjoying hot chocolate with my sweetie!
        2.Who is your Hero? My husband!
        3.Describe yellow. Soft, joyous, pleasant, optimistic and comforting.
        4.I’d walk a mile for ________. – Breakfast!
        5.Close your eyes, open a dictionary, and point to a word. Does your word mean anything special to you? – fairground – Schreiner Circus my Dad took us to when I was a child.
        6.A song you can’t escape. – “We Are The World”
        7.In five years, will it matter? Everything always matters.
        8.On a Wednesday, what is your routine? – Get up at 5:30, eat breakfast while checking my emails and blogs, take care of personal hygiene and get dressed, let out the kitties and begin my work day!
        9.For dinner tonight, what would you like to eat? I am in the mood for Rufus’s Honey Mustard Pork Chops!
        10.Who was the last person you spoke to? My hubby.

        I missed this one and I couldn’t resist! 🙂

  6. Mere Frost

    Fears change. When we are young we fear pimples. Or even earlier going to school for the first time. As we age…our fears change. Many disappear as we grow stronger and others are very real for many people and fully justified. If you have no fears…you are a very lucky person. Most of us have a few. 🙂


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