Daily Archives: October 26, 2013

Mark your calendars!

Nick Rogers has suggested on Facebook that we have a NO MOBILES DAY. Not those floaty thingamajigs that people hang over children’s cradles, Nick was talking about switching off our Mobile/Cell phones for a whole day.

Well why not?

Every other day seems to have a theme and many such as Mother’s, Farther’s, Grandparent’s and Major Holidays all COST MONEY!

Living without mobiles for one day might in fact save some money for you, as well as your sanity and the sanity of those around you.

Just imagine travelling on a bus, train or plane without the other passengers blabbering away to all and sundry that they are on said mode of transport. Bliss!

OK, so some of you will be working…

You could

  • Advise customers in advance and promote the No Mobile Day idea, You might actually achieve more for your day’s effort without constant interruption.
  • Using a ‘Not available’ message on your phone, might cut down the incoming calls. If all hell breaks loose, deal only with life or death calls.
  • Hold face to face meetings.
  • Just switch the phone off.

Nick thought March 7 would be a good day.

He reminded us:

 – On March 7 1876 Alexander Graham Bell was granted a patent for the telephone (he elbowed a woman inventor out of the way, but that’s another story).

So Friday March 7 2014, I’ll not be available on mobile. Will You join me, and give the world, your voice and your thumbs a rest!

Nick, did you realise that old Alexander was a March baby, born one hundred years before us!