Mark your calendars!

Nick Rogers has suggested on Facebook that we have a NO MOBILES DAY. Not those floaty thingamajigs that people hang over children’s cradles, Nick was talking about switching off our Mobile/Cell phones for a whole day.

Well why not?

Every other day seems to have a theme and many such as Mother’s, Farther’s, Grandparent’s and Major Holidays all COST MONEY!

Living without mobiles for one day might in fact save some money for you, as well as your sanity and the sanity of those around you.

Just imagine travelling on a bus, train or plane without the other passengers blabbering away to all and sundry that they are on said mode of transport. Bliss!

OK, so some of you will be working…

You could

  • Advise customers in advance and promote the No Mobile Day idea, You might actually achieve more for your day’s effort without constant interruption.
  • Using a ‘Not available’ message on your phone, might cut down the incoming calls. If all hell breaks loose, deal only with life or death calls.
  • Hold face to face meetings.
  • Just switch the phone off.

Nick thought March 7 would be a good day.

He reminded us:

 – On March 7 1876 Alexander Graham Bell was granted a patent for the telephone (he elbowed a woman inventor out of the way, but that’s another story).

So Friday March 7 2014, I’ll not be available on mobile. Will You join me, and give the world, your voice and your thumbs a rest!

Nick, did you realise that old Alexander was a March baby, born one hundred years before us!

10 thoughts on “Mark your calendars!

  1. nick

    The question is whether there are enough enthusiastic people to turn this simple idea into a tangible reality. Float the idea with all your friends and relatives (and the woman next to you on the bus) and see what they think.

    No, I didn’t notice that he was born 100 years before us. How about that?

    1. Grannymar

      This post should reach all my bloggie, twitter and facebook contacts…. Now to find a bus 😉 so I can spread the message further! Next you will ask me to stand on the corner of the street, handing out leaflets! 😆

  2. SchmidleysScribbling

    I am retired from the Bell System as is husband David. We are not likely to participate in a boycott of the firm that sends us our annuity payments. Why would we anyway? I love my telecommunications equipment.

    When he invented the telephone. AGB was trying to create a device that would assist his hearing impaired daughter. Other people may have been trying to create a hearing device for other reasons, but his device worked and that’s all that mattered. The Bell System has a long history of working with hearing impaired individuals, which anyone with hearing issues should appreciate. Dianne

    1. Grannymar

      Dianne, We are not against the wonderful work and inventions of AGB. It is more to make people realise how they have allowed modern technology, particularly cell phones, to rule their lives to the point where they are extremely rude in company.

      Mobile phones are wonderful if used correctly with consideration for those around us. I have one and carry it at all times, but switch it off when in company. I prefer face to face chat to talking into a phone, but I have no family within 125 miles, so the mobile phone brings them closer to me.

  3. nrhatch

    I have a NO MOBILES DAY every day.

    BFF and I share one phone. It sits quietly in my purse to be used for “emergencies” only.
    We put $100 of minutes on it once a year. The UNUSED minutes roll over to the next year.

  4. colonialist

    Trouble is that I can quite easily go for a week without bothering to look at mine. I’ve never figured out how to give it a louder incoming call signal, so most of my calls become missed ones, anyway …

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