Daily Archives: November 1, 2013

In to the night

On Sunday last, we officially reached the end of British Summer Time (BST) and reverted to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC ) or Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) as we commonly know it.

The time of year we turn back the clocks by one hour, kidding ourselves that we get an extra hour’s sleep in the mornings.

As a result of this change, there will be more daylight in the mornings for a few more weeks, weather and cloud cover permitting. Alas evenings will unfortunately, become darker much earlier. And soon, without realising it, we will feel like we have slipped in to the night – getting up and going back to bed in darkness.

It’s that time of the year for winter walks wrapped in layers of warm woollies topped off with bright hats, scarves and gloves. A time to crunch with each footfall over crisp dry leaves and branches, singing together and watching our sound travel on our visible breaths before us.

Returning home rosy cheeked, to snuggle close to a glowing fire with a glass of hot chocolate or Glühwein, served warm to bring relief to hands that cuddle the cup or glass, and the bodies that drink it.

Feeling that “Aah . . . that’s better!” moment, while sinking deep into a comfortable well used arm chair.


to continue working on a jigsaw puzzle

to continue working on a jigsaw puzzle

Or perhaps, toasting English muffins or large fluffy marshmallows by the fire. A time to think, plan and look forward to the festive season not far around the corner.

In to the night was chosen as our LBC topic this week by Will Knott, before he stepped back from blogging with us, due to blog problems. I do hope he finds time and a way to draw up to the fire with a glass of Glühwein and see how the other active members tackle the topic.