The doorbell rang

The doorbell rang,
I didn’t hear it
I was not near it,
Last thing on my mind.

In the kitchen,
Music blaring,
Just not caring
food preparing, lunch was on the ring

Sitting eating
Cold weather meating
Extra treating
Enough to warm and make me sing

Through the mail box
Dropped a note,
You missed delivery
Silly goat!

Wrap up warmly
Start your journey
Step out spritely
Don’t forget to bring that note!

Reach post office produce ID
Hocus Pocus, dear girl focus
Collect a parcel,
Addressed to me.

Skipping fast
precious parcel grasp
Under my oxter
A mind full of wonder

Finally home
the tape was cut
box ends open
packing paper removed.


Here on the floor
Glories galore
Texture and colourful treasures
A surprise gift for months of pleasure

Glorious yarn gift.

Glorious yarn gift.

A box filled with a selection of yarn, gifted to me all the way from California.

Thank you Brighid, from the bottom of my heart and already twitching fingers!

Now let the crafting party begin!

30 thoughts on “The doorbell rang

  1. Brenda

    I don’t believe it I just ordered some packs of mixed yarn like that on eBay today! I fully understand your excitement. I should let you loose in my yarn cupboard.

  2. Three Well Beings

    What great fun! Your poem is delightful and I was thinking, as I looked at your picture, that I have some of the same yarn! Then you said it came from California. Perhaps it comes from a store near me. 🙂 I hope you’ll share some of your projects as they get underway!

    1. Grannymar

      I will certainly be sharing the finished projects, once I complete the work in progress that seems to be causing me problems at the moment. 🙁 Never fear, I will not give in.

    1. Grannymar Post author

      I am glad I linked back so. I have played and lookd at the yarn many times, but the Pom Poms set going with my adventure.


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