Sunday One liners ~ 2

A real woman avoids drama, she knows her time is precious
and she’s not wasting it on unimportant people or things.
~ Author Unknown

17 thoughts on “Sunday One liners ~ 2

  1. nrhatch

    Yes! I avoid drama, know my time is precious, and refuse to waste it on people who throw pity parties for themselves on a daily basis:

    “I’ve got a hangnail. Boo Hoo.”
    “She looked at me funny. Woe is me.”
    “People aren’t doing what I want them to do. I hate my life.”

    When we don’t waste time to time wasters, we have more time for pleasant pastimes.

    1. Grannymar

      Wingers and moaners do not deserve to be called women. We all (men and women) have difficult times or problems in our lives. There is no harm in asking for help, but singing ‘pity me’ choruses does not help nanyone.

    1. Grannymar

      Barbara, I ran out of sculpture photos (I only use my own), I needed something else for a few weeks so decided to raid my list of one liners. Sure it might keep me going until the end of the year!

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