When I was Young Part 2

No. Not me this time, but another LBC member’s post worth sharing.

For the second time today, I draw your attention to a blogger friend that I met, had a drink with and danced around the room. This was followed up a few days later when we shared another wonderful day together.

I won’t spoil it, just click on the link above and read a real Christmas story – AND – You can be part of it!

6 thoughts on “When I was Young Part 2

  1. colonialist

    Marvellous Chirstmas story.
    Funny the way Aspergers keeps jumping at me lately. A novel I have recently edited features a mild sufferer as one of the main protagonists.

    1. Grannymar

      I know several adults and children who live with autism or aspergers. Some of them are extremely talented, while other families have a very difficult road to travel.


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