Thursday Special ~ Redneck Vacation

Billy Bob and Luther were talking one afternoon when Billy Bob tells Luther,

“Yaw know, I reckon I’m ’bout ready for a vacation. Only this year I’m gonna do it different. The last few years, I took your advice about where to go.

Three years ago you said to go to Hawaii . I went to Hawaii and Earlene got pregnant.

Then two years ago, you told me to go to the Bahamas , and Earlene got pregnant again.

Last year you suggested Tahiti and darned if Earlene didn’t get pregnant again.”

Luther asks Billy Bob, “So, what you gonna do this year that’s different?”

“I’m taking Earlene with me”.

Thanks to Nancy L for this weeks little rib tickler.

26 thoughts on “Thursday Special ~ Redneck Vacation

  1. Mike

    Funny…. 🙂

    Plenty of rednecks around here. Can’t say as I’ve ever known anyone called Billy Bob, but I’ve known a couple of Jim Bobs, our neighbor is named Luther, and, when I was a teen, my sister called me Bubba*.

    *That was just after we moved to Texas from Nebraska and she was working hard to fit in, including developing a Texas accent.

    1. Grannymar

      Dianne, when I was growing up, I was often called a ‘redneck’, ‘Carrot top’, .’Skinny malink. Melodeon legs, Big banana feet’., ‘Drip dry’ and ‘Freckles’. None of them ever did me any harm, I never heard of the word racist . The world has gone crazy with all this pc crap. You mention fat jokes, A so called lady poked me in the ribs recently and remarked at how thin I was (as if it was a crime)! I wanted to retaliate with ‘Look at all the rolls of fat you have’, but I didn’t lower myself to her level.

  2. nick

    He may be taking Earlene with him, but he’d better keep a close eye on her as well. It only takes an unobserved five minutes with one of the local waiters….


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