Grey hair and wrinkles

Well, as you know I accept and embrace my greying hair & wrinkles, they are part of the person I am.

I must tell you a funny story.

Several months ago, before the weather turned cold, I was out for a walk. Casually dressed in my skinny jeans and boots, with a fitted little jacket over the top, the sunshine warmed my soul and I skipped along to the sound of salsa music drifting from an open window. I became aware of a manly footfall behind me. It seemed to move in step with me for several minutes.

Eventually the man, about fifty, moved to pass me by, as he did so he glanced in my direction, and the look of surprised shock was evident. What he saw from the front did not seem to fit with his image of me from the back! I winked, and grinned, to let him know I knew what he was thinking! 😉  He smiled and walked on.

Yes, my face is stamped with laughter lines and the hair that frames my face has assumed the glow of natural hi-lights.

Hell, grey hair is better than no hair at all, and it keeps my head warm. To see the real me, you need to look into my eyes, we are after all told that: ‘The eyes are the window to the soul’ and souls are ageless.

29 thoughts on “Grey hair and wrinkles

  1. nick

    Ha ha! I bet that’s not the first time that’s happened to you either! I don’t know why there’s so much dislike of grey hair, I think it suggests wisdom and experience rather than advanced age. And as you say, better grey hair than no hair.

  2. rummuser

    Having been in the place of that man on a number of occasions, I can vouch for the amazement. Not only when one finds a much older person than one imagined, but when the person turns out to be a male!

  3. wisewebwoman

    I’m au naturelle too, as you know. Brown/red in the middle and grey at the edges, I embrace it along with the wrinkles and happy I quit smoking way, way back as I can tell a smoker’s face from a 100 yards. Some wrinkles are happier than others 🙂 I do like that my boot doesn’t match my bonnet along with yours 😀

  4. Three Well Beings

    I would have loved to see that wink! That’s a great response. And it’s a great compliment to be seen as “younger” from any angle. Especially when it isn’t youthfulness you’re chasing, just living a good, full life! What a fun moment!

  5. cedar51

    SILVER – get it right – no more grey talk…

    I’m not sure if my back view is the indicator of my age, but the front upper view definitely is – so many people nearly have a heart attack when they find out that I am actually older than them…because apparently I do not look my age!

    Okay I’ve not got the GoldCard yet which is something you get when you reach the magical age of 65 in New Zealand, but I’m in the right vintage/decade…and nearly there!

    Young students at Uni, when they realise or find out how old I am, say “boy my grandmother isn’t that old”

    Once I thought this lecturer was getting on – and I said to the dept head he should retire to discover he was at least 7 years my junior and not even near retirement age!!!! Another one got his nose right out of joint when he wasn’t preaching to a junior…and because of that I gave up getting my GradDip in his dept, he was just so rude…

    Now in a better dept, but still facing younger than thy lecturers 🙂

  6. Alice

    Ha ha! That happened to me once on an escalator in a large department store, and the guy was a teenager who reacted in shock, not so gracefully as your incident. I was about 28 at the time. As I thought about it later I decided that I shouldn’t have let myself feel so bad. After all we don’t owe it to anybody to look a certain way, do we? But of course you carried off gracefully.

  7. colonialist

    People are funny! I get looks of deep disapproval when I skip along with my granddaughters. Is there some law against skipping when one reaches adulthood, or perhaps, when one has an elderly appearance?
    Similarly, I find it handy to use a little scooter kept in the car to reach places far from the parking. You should see the stares!

    1. Grannymar

      I often skipped all the way to school with a five year old Elly. I also remember My mother joining in during one of her term-time visits. I never worried what other people thought, I was far too busy having fun.


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