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The Healing Tree ~ Part 2

Long time regular readers will recall my series of weekly sculpture posts. I love sculpture and enjoy researching the results of the pieces I find on my walks and journeys through the year. For new readers, you may find these posts in the category drop down over in the sidebar, under Sculpture.

On Thursday last, I had a comment from Brian Connolly, a sculptor, whose work I have featured several times. His comment this time was addressed to Alice at My Wintersong, in relation to his piece The Healing Tree.

The Healing Tree

The Healing Tree

The Healing Tree.

Alice’s Comment:

That would look super in my garden. What do you s’pose they’d take for it? All kidding aside, art that makes you think about it and remember it has already accomplished. Who cares about utility.

Brian’s reply:

Alice I know you commented a long time ago, but your instinct is very close to the reality of the artwork’s development! The original idea was for a private garden and I had proposed to cast the family around a tree. The idea was too radical for the father and I did not get the commission at that time!…. but it did lead to this artwork for the Antrim Area Hospital!
Brian Connolly


Perhaps it is a timely reminder to lift the lid on the topic Sculpture once more. I like to take the photos myself, even though they may not be of as high a standard as Barbara, my niece at Day One or Ed Mooney at EdMooneyPhotography.

I do have two pieces in my camera, both taken on my last visit to Dublin at the beginning of February. My brother took me out for coffee to Kildare on a dreary dull day. The torrential rain obliged only long enough for me to take a few photos.

It has been a dark & miserable winter and I long for better weather and permission to get behind the wheel again to sally forth on my voyages of discovery.