Daily Archives: March 11, 2014

I found them!

Yesterday after a long slow start, the foggy mist dissolved to allow the sun shine through. it was like a real spring day, allowing me to enjoy a walk, plenty of chatter, hugs and even a birthday kiss. Boy, does that do an old girl’s heart good. 😀

I even celebrated with coffee and a slice of chocolate cake before I headed up the hill and homeward.

The setting sun was actually visible on my horizon for the first time this year. I unlocked the back door to capture the moment.

Quickly transferring my efforts to the laptop via a card reader, an unusual pop-up appeared just above the clock on my desktop informing me there were six photos and immediately deleting……. the pop up disappeared!

I searched my folder for them, but alas they were gone. I replaced the card in my camera and switched it on to find the card was empty. 😡

It was only before shutting up shop for the night, that I discovered a folder on my desktop, dated 10-03-2014 and it contained the photos.

Then I found another conundrum. the photos were much smaller than usual. Grrrr!

Below are the best of the six:

10-03-2014 sunset_1

10-03-2014 sunset_1


10-03-2014 sunset_2

10-03-2014 sunset_2

Now to find out what has happened to my camera settings. Is there a mouse in my house playing games with me?