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cropped-Glenwherry-Slemish_2.jpgThis was the photo in the Header when I wrote this Post


Legend would have us believe that Slemish was the place where St Patrick was brought as a young boy by his captors, to tend sheep. Since I am not that old, I cannot swear by this story. 😉

The weather up there in the wilds of County Antrim can be very unpredictable. By times you might have all four seasons on the one day.

Poor Patrick had no thermal underwear, waterproof leggins or hiking boots. There were no thermos flasks, GPS or Quad bikes to help with looking for lost sheep.

My header photo above and the one below are taken from the same spot, at most a few feet apart. They are from different years and seasons. All I have done to the photos is crop them.

Slemish 2


If I give you the dates, can you tell me which photo goes with which date?

A. 22nd January 2009
B. 22nd August 2012

Over to you….