Daily Archives: March 25, 2014

I may never go out again!

Elly took me shopping when she was here at the weekend. We did a grocery run on Saturday and my fridge, freezer and store cupboards are now full to the gills & ready to face a siege. I love to pick my own food, so have not given in to shopping on-line. I still need to meet people face to face and talk. On-line shopping will be fine when I become a complete recluse!

One non food item I had on the list was slippers/indoor shoes. We took off after lunch yesterday and I found these:


My new slippers

My new slippers

Sketchers GOwalk™

They are so comfortable, each shoe in my size weighs 3.6 ounces. It is like walking on a layer of marshmallow or a soft sponge pavement!

The only pair in my size, yesterday were grey. Pity they did not have the Raspberry.

Looking online today I realised I need to save my pennies before next winter…..


Colours: Chocolate, Black or Chestnut.

Don’t tell Elly…… I almost forgot to take them off when I went to bed last night! 😉

My cozy toes

My cozy toes