The ‘E’s of life

My friend Padmini, posted this on Facebook the other day, I wanted to share it here with you.

‘E’ … is the most eminent letter of the alphabet.
Men or Women don’t exist without ‘E’.
House or Home can’t be made without ‘E’.
Bread or Butter can’t be found without ‘E’.

‘E’ is the beginning of Existence and the end of Trouble.
It’s not at all in War but twice in Peace.

It’s once in Hell but twice in Heaven’.

‘E’ represents Emotions.. hence all emotional relations like

Father, Mother, Brother, Sister have ‘E’ in them.

‘E’ also represents Effort, Energy.
Hence to be Better from Good,
two ‘E’s are added.

Without ‘E’, we would have no Love, Life, Wife or Hope

Without ‘E’ we cannot See, Hear, Smell, or Taste.

Just as Eye, Ear, Nose and Tongue are made of ‘E’.

SO Go with ‘E’ but without EGO.

Eeh by gum this ‘ere E is right for me!

13 thoughts on “The ‘E’s of life

    1. Grannymar Post author

      Not at all, You have plenty of ‘E’ in your life all around you, look more carefully!

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