Map Of Britain And Ireland

The Definitive Stereotype Map Of Britain And Ireland

Or how to offend giggle your way around the British Isles.

How others see us!

How others see us!

Credit to Tom Phillips BuzzFeed Staff and KATE SHREWSDAY who brought it to my attention.

20 thoughts on “Map Of Britain And Ireland

    1. Barbara

      There is an invisible line just north of the M25 orbital motorway around London that says ‘here be dragons’

      Luckily we live south of that in the ‘sad commuters’ belt 🙂

      1. Al

        No doubt though that Peter would slay one for you if need be. Personally I draw the line at rabid chipmunks. After that, Patty is on her own.

  1. bikehikebabe66

    Enjoyed the map! Must remember the real names.

    About the blog heading picture: Remember dandelion greens are the BEST for nutrition. And they’re free & the blossoms pretty. Can’t eat them if they’ve been sprayed. I wish they were socially acceptable.

    1. Grannymar Post author

      Yes, you can use young nettles in any recipe that calls for spinach. Makes great wine too!

  2. Grannymar Post author

    In the Hartlepool Council election, 2002, an election took place for a directly elected mayor, which was won by independent candidate Stuart Drummond, who was better known as H’Angus the Monkey the official mascot for the local football team Hartlepool United F.C. Drummond campaigned on a pledge to give free bananas to all school pupils under 11 in Hartlepool!,_2002


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