Daily Archives: May 6, 2014

Happy ‘push’ anniversary!

That is a greeting I found on my Facebook page this morning. It made me smile!

My youngest niece, Clare, went on to explain:

On our birthdays, me and my siblings give my mum a ‘push’ present. Happy ‘push’ anniversary!


I like the idea of a ‘push’ anniversary.

Thirty six years ago, I did do some pushing, but even back then, My Elly was in a hurry and made my job easy. She has not stopped running since.

Yesterday, was the last of our Spring Bank Holiday Weekend, and Elly took full advantage of the day off work.

She chose to return to childhood for an early birthday, playing giant jenga, bean bag toss, and sack races!

Sack race Photo courtesy of Mary Burke

Sack race
Photo courtesy of Mary Burke

Typical! That is my Elly, strolling along, while encouraging everyone else to do the hard work. :mrgreen:

Have a wonderful Birthday today, Elly, you deserve it. You bring so much joy to my life and to everyone you meet along life’s way!

Chocolate cake next weekend, me thinks!