Daily Archives: May 28, 2014

Life is Good!

I know I have been quiet, but life is busy. Good busy.

In the last few weeks I pushed myself to the limit. I walked plenty. The hill up from the town to home, is still a tough one, but I have learned not to carry heavy weights when on that journey. The week in Dublin, gave me plenty of variety for walking on the flat. I even brought Buffy with me on one of those days. She was happy to be out and stayed within the bounds of the lead, and never once ran around me as she had done in the past, wrapping the lead round my legs.

I have good news.

Last week, I saw my Cardiologist and yes, he had good news for me. The results of all the tests were in and he was pleased, there was no cause to give him concern. The fact that there were no more episodes of ground kissing, pleased him. It seems my problem was caused by medication for raised BP. He had stopped me taking that medication back in September. He suggested a different range of medication, if my BP moved up the scale. It did. It took several efforts and changes, to find meds to suited me.

The only down side of the visit from my side, was the confirmation of 14 pounds in weight that has attached it self around my middle. The long dark dull & dreary winter, let to some comfort eating 🙁

So for the good news.


I am allowed to drive my car again.

After eight whole months sitting in the darkness of my garage, the car will be allowed to see the light of day once more. I did on a regular basis, reverse the car onto the drive and run the engine, but the last time I tried the battery was flat. Tyres will need to be replaced and the engine serviced, before I put her through the statuary MOT test for road worthiness.

I have booked the MOT for 9th June. In the meantime my Toyboys are organising the tyres, are preparing to sort the battery and service the engine next week, in readiness for the test and my future adventures.

In order to stay patient and calm I am playing with a storage box.

Not just any storage box. This 80 litre storage box is full to the brim and a gift from Brogan:

Box of treasure

Box of treasure

It contains all of this treasure, plus the needle case with eight pairs of Bamboo needles.

A gift from Brogan

A gift from Brogan

And these:

Bamboo Needles

Bamboo Needles

A little something I made on Monday with my hands and no needles. This yarn was from a previous gift from Brighid.

Infinity scarf

First experiment with ‘HAND’ knitting – using my hands instead of needles!

The project I began yesterday……

What will it be

What will it be

I wonder if you can guess what it might be?