Daily Archives: June 2, 2014

Dashing away with a smoothing iron.

On Saturday, in a light hearted short post, I admitted that I had been wrong to iron my clothes. The graphic I produced told me the freshly pressed clothes showed up the crease lines on my face.

The comments were fun.

Col asked: “How can you steal hearts away if you don’t go dashing away with a smoothing iron?”

Immediately I was back in the house of my youth with a mountain of shirts, blouses, sheets, pillowcases, half a dozen linen tablecloths and napkins, tea towels and a mound of handkerchiefs…..

Sitting by the fire was my granny singing this little number:

I replied to Col, with: “I have evidence of one young lady who took that idea to the extreme! Watch out on Monday”.

So here is the evidence.

Elly taking housework seriously. ;)

Elly taking housework seriously. 😉

Elly ironing on the Giant’s Causeway!

I had to go digging to find the photo and while there I reread the post that went along with it A Political Guide for Tourists to Ireland written four years ago. It applies even more so today, I think you might enjoy reading it.