Have you ever been on the Box?

I had five minutes of fame way back ……..

It was Wednesday, 5 November 2008. I had been invited to take part in RTE Television’s Afternoon show to share my household hints and tips.

Then on 1st April 2013, I made a ‘Don’t blink or you will miss me’ appearance, again on RTE Television with the programme See you at the pictures, a nostalgic look at our cinema-going past & the impact that cinema has had on Irish culture down the years.

Third time lucky, they say…. So this time I got to dress up and tread the boards… Like a REAL actress. Stop laughing and sniggering back there, Grannymar is game for anything…. Well almost! 😉 I think I mentioned it here.

Yes, another ‘Don’t blink or you will miss me’ moment in a sketch for a 4 part historical fun series for RTÉ2: Holding Out For A Hero and this time I think I said two, three, four or was it five words?

Sure who’s counting?

I had a fun day watching wardrobe & make-up artists at work before meeting the director and his team again. There were four of us ladies in the scene, the other ‘gals’ were well used to the smell of the laughter and the roar of the greasepaint….. or is it the other way around? I was fascinated at the way the camera crew brought an old building to life. We all had fun.

Neil Delamere, the leading actor (he took the day off when I was there), is determined to uncover the truth behind 4 legendary Irish heroes of yore. Neil will be treading the boards with a stand up comedy gig as part of the programme in Vicar St on Saturday 2nd August at 20:30.  He’ll be showcasing all-new material based on everything he’s learned about our four heroes – Red Hugh O’Donnell, Grace O’Malley, Cú Chulainn and Fionn Mac Cumhaill. The gig will be recorded and inserts included in the programme, and the whole project should appear on TV between late August and December.

Now I need to check my diary… Do I have anything on for 2nd August….

Apart from clothes! 😉

10 thoughts on “Have you ever been on the Box?

  1. nick

    I had a fleeting appearance on BBC News once, battling my way down a London street in a fierce gale with a wrecked umbrella. And er, that’s it.

  2. Mike Goad

    Twice – Once in elementary school at age 11 or so playing in an kids orchestra (I wasn’t very good… didn’t practice as I should) at our local TV station in Nebraska and then, several years later, as one of four on our school’s team for Quiz bowl. We lost on our first – and only – game. The main thing I remember from both appearances is how hot the studio lights were.

  3. rummuser

    I wish that I had seen it! No, I have not had my few minutes of fame yet! I did appear for an audience but failed to pass. Not photogenic enough.

    1. Grannymar Post author

      My latest adventure is only in the editing stage at the moment, There is always the chance that I might not make it beyond the cutting room floor, but it was fun.

  4. wisewebwoman

    In the last few years I’ve made the news in a quasi political way and also with theatre promos, etc. Elder years have been kind to me. Something something RTE keeps tickling me too, a long time ago. Might have been the theatre then but it’s gone from my memory. Goodonya GM, I should cast you in one of my plays 🙂

    1. Grannymar Post author

      WWW, it would be a long journey to take part in your play, would I be able to go home for lunch? 😉

    1. Grannymar Post author

      Now that I have reached second childhood, I make my own rules! When I asked Buffy what she thought, she answered with a lick of approval!


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