Daily Archives: July 10, 2014

Thursday Special ~ Shorties

A body was found in the back of an ice-cream van; it was covered in hundreds and thousands so the police think he may have topped himself.

Did you hear about the fight in the biscuit tin? The bandit hit the penguin over the head with a club, tied him to a wagon wheel with a blue ribbon and made his breakaway in a taxi! *

2 bags of crisps are walking down the road on a windy and rainy night. A police car pulls up beside them and the policeman asks, “Do you want a lift?” They both reply “Sorry mate but we’re Walkers!”

A man goes to see his doctor because he’s having trouble with his hearing. “What are the symptoms?” asks the doctor. “They’re a yellow cartoon family,” says the man.



This week I have Noreen to think for these Shorties, especially for No. 2 all Chocolate Bars from my childhood.*