Daily Archives: July 31, 2014

Thursday Special ~ Washing the Dog

A young boy, around ten years old, walks into his local grocer’s store and picks up a large box of Persil soap powder. When placing it on the counter the grocer asks if he’s doing the laundry for his mother.

“No”, says the boy “My dog needs cleaning!”

“Ah!” said the grocer “in that case you shouldn’t use soap powder – it could make the dog ill or even kill it!”

The boy ignores the advice and buys the powder.

A few days later the boy returns to the store to buy some candy.

The grocer asked how his dog was and the boy replied, “Oh, he died!”

The grocer said, “I’m sorry to hear that but I did TRY telling you not to use soap powder on him!”

The boy replies, “It wasn’t the soap powder that killed him – it was the spin cycle on the washing machine!”



Thanks Dave, I hope this not the way Buffy is washed!