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Which kind of friend are you?


A friend had this graphic on her blog this morning, as a lead into a post about depression.

Robin Williams

Robin Williams

I never knew RW, I may have seen him in one movie.

The picture holds a powerful message and food for thought.

Which kind of friend are you? Are you available to listen?


Unplug your ears and switch off all modern devices to actually hear what your friend is saying, meaning and NEEDING?

Think on, my friend.

You are not out of this world yet, and long runs the fox (depression), but one day it might catch up with you.

I hope, if it does, you will still have friends around to…




A family Heirloom

A family heirloom

A textural feast

This beautiful rug was over the back of a sofa, when I arrived to collect Janet on Monday. I was totally captivated by it and asked if I could take a photograph.

“Certainly”, said Janet as she casually threw it on the floor.

“The floor is no place for it. You should have it up on a wall. It is a family heirloom”.

Rug detail

Rug detail

A closer look at the detail.

The base was rug canvas and work was built up in random shapes of rug and embroidery stitches, worked with rug and knitting yarns as well as fabric strips in linens and poly cottons.

To the right of the pink flower above is a small section worked on even weave suitable for counted thread work, and then attached to the base canvas.

With such an emphasis on re-purposing our clothes and household fabrics, a hanging like this, would be a wonderful way to reuse a favourite dress, shirt or t-shirt. Babies grow out of their clothes so fast, a hanging would be an ideal use for all the various textures and colours. It is not a task to be completed in a week. It is one for winter evenings over a year or maybe more. Tell the story of a child’s early life through their clothes.

When complete, don’t forget to sign and date it.