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Today was a steady as you go day. We were promised bad weather, so I planned to bury my head in a sewing task.

The work involved measuring, marking, pinning and sewing. My living-room floor is ideal for spreading out lengths of fabric. The morning was bright but deceptive, It was a cool 6°C when I began working, definitely autumnal. The room temperature soars once the sun appears. It did today, reaching 13°C. I was a happy camper.

I worked while kneeling, then sitting and eventually standing at the ironing board, before sitting to my dining table, where the sewing machine was switched on, threaded and ready to go. It was a good job I had no unexpected visitors!

At one stage, some stitches needed to be unpicked so I went to the sewing box to find my ripper.

stitch unpicker

stitch unpicker

I had it yesterday. It was not on the table, in the sewing box, on the floor, or in any of the pockets of the clothes I had on yesterday. I searched the fridge, the pantry, the airing cupboard and every room in the house, but still never found it. I did have an older one, not quite so sharp, so gave in and used it.

I worked until the light was going (with stops for meals and a short walk outdoors), then folded my fabric and returned all the sewing accessories to their rightful place in my sewing box. I checked each compartment for the ‘ripper’. I packed away my sewing machine, cleared the table and finally got down on my hands and knees to check the floor. No ripper, it had vanished into thin air.

Resigning my self to the fact it would turn up when I was not looking for it, I made a coffee and went in to sit down in a soft seat and relax. Half way through the coffee I had a bright idea 💡 Did it slip down under the seat cushion of the armchair ❓

Setting my coffee cup out of the way, I lifted the seat cushion, but there was no sign of the disappearing ripper. I slid my hand down into the bowels of the chair and carefully moved along the very narrow space on each side and down the back. Tomorrow when the bruises appear, blame the chair! I felt something, but it was bulkier than the ripper. I brought my treasure to the surface, and inserted my hand once more. More treasure.

These finds urged me on…. My favourite son in law (I only have one!) loves sitting on my sofa, I regularly find coins that have escaped from his pockets, under the cushions. I wondered if there were any more under there? I did find treasure , but alas no coins.

Between the sofa and two armchairs I had a little hoard…

hidden treasure

hidden treasure

    • A roller ball Gel Pen
    • Red Ballpoint
    • Mini KitKat
    • Sticker from fine crochet cotton
    • Staedtler 2H pencil

The two pens were empty. The KitKat was never mine, I don’t eat Milk Chocolate. The crochet cotton is well gone, I have not used it for over seven years, but the pencil will come in handy!

I wondered how long the chocolate wafer was hiding, so I turned it over.

Sorry Elly!

Sell by date

Sell by date

It might be a little stale the sell by date has passed.

It says best before 17:44  1/4/98 

The first of April 1998, Some April Fool I am!