Daily Archives: October 21, 2014

Bits and pieces

The remains of Hurricane Gonzalo has arrived in bursts of wind and rain. As I type we are in a calm spell with bright sunshine, I had no plans to go outside today, so am happy to stay warm and cosy with my knitting.

Work in Progress

Work in Progress

Blogging & Blog reading have been light from me in the past week/ten days. I spent the time decorating my bedroom. A telescopic roller was great for the ceiling and the large stretches of walls, but for the edges and corners I needed to climb on the step ladder. I had a great feeling of achievement when the work was complete, curtains made and hung and the bed dressed in new colour scheme.

In years gone by, I would have the ceiling, walls and woodwork painted in one day, but alas this time it took the whole week. The radio falling into the bucket of emulsion before overbalancing and falling onto the floor covered with paint sheets, was not part of the original plan. 😥 I am left with a small reminder, but it is under the bed so nobody knows except me. Right.

I scraped off most of the paint with the brush, then took the radio to the kitchen. I used a cloth to remove more emulsion, but it had seeped inside.

Deciding the radio was a gonner I washed it in water. Yes. I put the stopper in the sink and stood the appliance on end where all the paint was. One speaker and half the cassette deck had been for a swim in paint, so another one in water would not make much difference!

I left it to drip on the draining board and went back to my walls. By the time I finished for the evening, the radio had stopped dripping. I set an old towel on the floor out of the way and put the radio on it. Twenty four hours later, as I was about to put it in the crate for the recycling centre, 💡 I wondered… I wondered if it would come to life again. I put the plug in the socket and then connected the other end to the radio. Bingo! I had music. It may not be very beautiful, but it works.

I loved that old radio/cassette player, we bought it for Elly about twenty five years ago, and I inherited it when she went to France. It kept me company all through the years of sleepless nights, gently playing in the background, in the hope of lulling me to sleep.

Paint dunked radio casette

Paint dunked radio casette


So in this case, the end was not the end!

Now that reminds me, I need to think about the next chapter of that story…..