Daily Archives: November 19, 2014

It was a long day

Yes. A very long day, but I have plenty to show for it.

When I woke for the second time this morning, daylight had dawned, so I decided to win the window race. I have given in on climbing ladders outdoors, and my window cleaner was about due, so I wanted the insides sparkling. I was half way through when he arrived. At one stage we were both working on the same window pane! He on the outside and me on the inside.

Was it really brighter for longer this afternoon, or was it my imagination?

Who said it was only the lack of dirt? How very dare you!

it was not yet 10:00 and I needed to sit down. I did. In the kitchen. Slicing Bell peppers, all nine of them in tiny pieces.

My days work

My days work

Left to right above

1. Nine bell peppers gave me two jars of my Slow peppers.

2. I had 1,000g of cooked beetroot, so it was grated for Beetroot Pickle. Two and a half jars of beetroot will soon disappear. It is good for lowering blood pressure!

3. Next up, I sliced onions finely for Italian Tomato sauce. Not sure if I posted that one, It is a Rufus Food & Spirits Guide special. I have filled one jar for the fridge (second right) and have more to portion and freeze as soon as it is cold.

4. The final jar above is a new one to me – Caramelised onion and fennel, it came with the Italian Tomato sauce above. I had a wee taste. Yummy. I am a big fennel fan – raw in a salad, roasted and now in this new dish.