The End is never the End ~ Part 20

The remainder of the day seemed to pass in the blinking of an eye. Each person present played a part in making it a memorable occasion. Talk of the wedding, the reception, the music and dancing, as well as a curiosity about the destination of the honeymoon were the constant topics for the week while Alice and Morgan were away. George had pulled a master stroke with the wedding cake. Everyone loved it. Each detail of the decoration was recalled . George had surprised the couple with a Morgan Roadster on top of the cake, with a bride and groom sitting inside it. The trailer attached to a tow bar at the back of the car, held a tiny cake on a stand, decorated with Birthday greetings for the bride and Groom! He must have used a very strong magnifying glass to see what he was writing on that tiny cake!

The afternoon the newly weds returned from honeymoon, was another special day. All the staff, whether on duty or not, had turned out in uniform and lined up like a guard of honour to welcome them home to Hour House. The couple were relaxed and happy and made time to speak to everyone. Afternoon tea was served in the library and Morgan thanked them for the part they played in making the wedding so special and again for the welcome home.

“Tomorrow, we begin work in earnest, to put Hour House on the map. We all have a part to play, in order to build a reputation for the place we are now proud to live and work in. A happy workforce makes for happy guests. Happy guests do not save their breath to cool their porridge. No. They spread the word and encourage others to come and share in the experience. We want no cooled porridge, we want the warm breath of encouragement and regular patter of many feet crossing the threshold.

There may well be days when the sun does not shine, occasions when a customer feels unhappy, or we have personal difficulties at home. Please, do not bottle up these problems and let them fester. Share your problems and difficulties with, George, Gigi, Alice or myself. Remember: a problem shared is a problem halved. Working together as a family is the way forward, we want you all to enjoy the experience. Thank you all, for this wonderful beginning.”

With that, Morgan lifted his wife up in his arms and carried her out of the library to their own private quarters.

One hour later Gigi cast an eye over the library and smiled. ‘Leave the place as you would like to find it’, she could clearly hear that old mantra of her mother’s in her head, as she looked around. Her staff had done so without any asking. Inviting all the staff to be part of the wedding in the first place, was a master stroke and would pay dividends as time went on. What was it her father said….? ‘A good beginning was half the work’, yes that was it, and they were certainly starting on the right foot.

“My dear Mrs Troy, we need to contact our solicitor to update our wills, now that we are married.”

Alice almost jumped in her chair. She had been reading through her large bundle of post as they finished breakfast. Being called Mrs Troy, still seemed a little strange, no doubt she would soon get used to it. Only yesterday, she had signed her name as Alice Slythe. She smiled at Morgan and agreed.

“Yes. We do need to see to it soon and we also need to think seriously about choosing a guardian for Lovell, should anything unforeseen happen to us. I’ll phone the solicitor later this morning and set up an appointment. I’ll let you know the date and time as soon as I talk to him.” Said Alice.

“By the way, did you know that Lovell was now on the pay roll?” asked Alice. “Gigi and Carolyn have been teaching her to fold napkins like standing fans, she has done such a good job, they asked her to do it every day in the Oratory. For wages!”

“Really?” questioned Morgan.

“Yes.” Said Alice. “Her face was a picture when she told me.”

“I’ll have to tease her about having enough money to pay for looking after me, in my old age, but I’ll let her have the pleasure of telling me about the job first.” Said Morgan. “Do you want another cup of coffee before we meet the girls to sort out our diaries for the week ahead and see how plans are for the opening on the first of December?”

“No more coffee for me at the moment, thank you. Unless you want me spinning like a whirling dervish for the remainder of the day!”

“Alice, I have decided that funnymoons are bad for me and I refuse to go on any more of them!”

“Funnymoons? What do you mean, they are bad for you?” asked Alice.

“They make me lazy, and I could just sit reading a book all morning, instead of going to work!” Said Morgan.

“Sorry Mr Troy. There is no time for laziness, you are already at work and we have plenty of books for you to read, account books for one! I seem to remember that you wanted to talk to Wacky about cows.”

We live over the shop these days, so there is no getting away from the fact that

The End is never the End.


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8 thoughts on “The End is never the End ~ Part 20

    1. Grannymar Post author

      Nancy, you have great patience! On 28th February this year, I posted a story that had been sitting in my laptop for almost two years. I wondered if I could stretch it further, so almost ten months and 31,394 words later, I have put it to bed. What have I learned? To stick to short and simple.

      1. nrhatch

        I feel the same. Not about your writing but about my own.

        I’ve written a few novels to various shades of completion but now know that sharing short posts holds more appeal (and is a LOT less work) for the “writer” in me.

        1. Grannymar Post author

          Nancy, several people have suggested I publish the story, but if an editor were to read it, they would probably slash it to bits. It would no longer be ‘my’ story, bur their version of my story.

  1. RecyclerSA

    Oh noooo, I was wanting it to go on forever and ever 🙂 So what about a sequel? Stay warm and dry this weekend. Laura

  2. wisewebwoman

    Well done GM, I finally got to read it. A good novella – a story well told. Now take a bow for a job well done 🙂


    1. Grannymar Post author

      Thank you, WWW. I suppose I enjoyed the self imposed challenge of it,, but I will be glad to get back to normal blogging from now on.


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