Daily Archives: January 8, 2015

Breaking silence.


Blog posts from me have been few and far between of late and now I am in a position to share the reason. This post is not a pity party, only an explanation.

Today I had a problem confirmed. Certainly not life threatening, but a nuisance just the same. I have a problem with my right eye. No connection with the infection I had over the Christmas period, or the antibiotic I was given for it.

I saw my Optometrist on Monday and he arranged for me to see an Ophthalmologist for specialist advice this morning.

The membrane over the macula has become wrinkled just like my neck and face or an un-ironed shirt.. Stop laughing Toyboys, I’m serious! In the gap caused by the wrinkles are bubbles/cysts. The membrane needs to be peeled in surgery to stop it progressing further.

The cause? In short: Too many birthdays. 🙁

It might well be March before they are ready for me. What a wonderful birthday present that would be! 😀

Now I wonder what mischief I can get up to in the meantime…..