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My answer to a comment….


Yesterday in my post A caller, one comment caught me:

“Much nicer than Islam… convert or die”

The one thing we on this earth, have in common, is that we are HUMAN.

Not all the same colour, Race or Creed. Temperaments vary as do our views.

Just like the fruit on the trees, sometimes the rosiest apple is rotten at the core while the bruised misshaped one can be the sweetest.

The church I was baptised into, claimed to be ‘the ONE holy Catholic Church’. We were brought up with the idea that the aim of the church was: To convert all the Heathens across the world who were not as fortunate as us. In primary/Junior school, we were constantly encouraged to bring in money for ‘the Black Babies’, read the Missions. Where that money went we have no record, we were never told, just asked for more.

Some so fortunate young children of ‘the ONE holy Catholic Church’ were raped, abused and or even allowed to die at the hands of Priests and nuns. before being secretly buried in unmarked graves.

Around the corner from where I grew up, was a St Mary’s Asylum laundry run by the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity of Refuge. The Asylum laundry ceased operation in 1991 and when the Sisters decided to sell off some of the land, they applied to the Department of the Environment for permission to exhume the remains of 133 women from unmarked graves. In fact the remains of 154 women were eventually recovered, cremated and then re-interred at Glasnevin Cemetery. You can read about it here.


Just as in my example above about the so called religious who were part of the church I was a member of, there are some bad eggs among the followers of Allah, who at the hands of corrupt and twisted leaders, carry out atrocities’.

Even without mention of religion, politicians give permission for military interference in countries other than their own sending young men and now women to kill and maim. I am not taking sides, but just look at the results of Vietnam, Bosnia, Northern Ireland, Iraq x 2 and more recently Afghanistan. Each person killed was someone’s son/grandson/partner/family member! Flesh and blood possibly now in an unmarked grave like the innocents in the convent ground in High Park.

Then we have the young men acting alone who walk into a school or public gathering place and shoot those around before turning the gun on themselves. We saw it in Scotland and many times across the United States of America. There are bad apples all around us.

Do others see us by our actions as bad apples?

Rant over, time to smooth that chip on my shoulder. Have a good day!