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“Do you feel like coffee?”


Wednesday forgot to dawn. I know you are fed up with me saying that. But it happens way to much, this is Ireland and not Denmark or further north.

What happened the sky?

What happened the sky?

I took my mug of hot water back to bed, re closed the curtains and decided to toddle round blogland and FB ‘till the day improved. Then the phone rang…

“Do you feel like coffee?” asked an elderly friend.

With my mind moving to overdrive… I replied.

“That sounds like a nice idea”

“I know a nice Farm shop & Tearoom, in Straid.  I have been there a few times and I thought we might go. Would 10:30 suit you?”

Glancing down to the clock on my laptop I see it is 9:20 – Where had the hours gone?
A fourminuteshowerandhairwash plus a banana & pills on the run, and I would just about make it.

“Great! I’ll pick you up at 10:30.” I said.

I did.

My friend was a good navigator, and we chatted our way through the gloomy countryside. Our destination was well sign posted along the way.

Ballylagan Organic Farm shop

Ballylagan Organic Farm shop

A warm wood fire greeted us in the Tea room quickly followed by a welcome from the staff and service at our table. All food was prepared on the premises.

We each decided on a scone with our coffee. My friend opted for a fruit one and mine was pear with almond. Yummy! I so want to make these.

There was no rush, no fuss and we happily chatted the morning away.

As we headed back to the car, I took two photos, the one above and the one below. You can see from the bottom one the time I took them – still no proper sky detail. I have not altered them apart from cropping.



For more info: Ballylagan Organic Farm, shop, Tea Room and Guest House