Monthly Archives: January 2015

Breaking silence.


Blog posts from me have been few and far between of late and now I am in a position to share the reason. This post is not a pity party, only an explanation.

Today I had a problem confirmed. Certainly not life threatening, but a nuisance just the same. I have a problem with my right eye. No connection with the infection I had over the Christmas period, or the antibiotic I was given for it.

I saw my Optometrist on Monday and he arranged for me to see an Ophthalmologist for specialist advice this morning.

The membrane over the macula has become wrinkled just like my neck and face or an un-ironed shirt.. Stop laughing Toyboys, I’m serious! In the gap caused by the wrinkles are bubbles/cysts. The membrane needs to be peeled in surgery to stop it progressing further.

The cause? In short: Too many birthdays. 🙁

It might well be March before they are ready for me. What a wonderful birthday present that would be! 😀

Now I wonder what mischief I can get up to in the meantime…..

A new leaf

I was so pleased to turn over a new leaf on Thursday and step up to the plate of 2015. I feel like I have been in a trance for most of December.

  1. The blog was hacked.
  2. An eye infection took hold and prevented me from reading for more than a few minutes at a time.
  3. My washing machine ran out of spin on Christmas eve morning.

I was encouraged to go south and spend the few festive days with my sister. The final decision was not made until late on the evening of 23rd, when there was an improvement with my eye. Driving with blurred vision on a day that forgot to dawn or as it turned out: blindingly strong low sunshine took extra concentration.

I spend several days in the kitchen making meals to bring and share..

  • Pork Portofino
  • Venison pie
  • Roasted Chestnut soup
  • Onion marmalade
  • Cranberry, apricot, pecan & apple cake. A new one to me, but I loved it and so did my sister and her friends who tried it. .

All but the onion marmalade were new to my sister. She was cooking a turkey breast with a piece of smoked ham and all the trimmings for the big day.

Good job I brought so much food, instead of three days I ended up staying a week. I had a ‘pain’ day and my sister refused to let me drive home the next day, then the weather turned the temperatures down to icy and I was not allowed to travel for another few days. All the while my washer was sitting with a drum full of drained but soggy clothes. Never before in my life have I turned my back and walked away leaving a problem behind me.

Yesterday I sourced, found and paid for a new washing machine, had it delivered and a young neighbour installed it for me. I now have the new one in place and ready to go with the old one in the middle of the floor waiting to be collected.

Apart from putting the washer through its paces a couple of times tomorrow, I’ll be lying low. Today was another pain filled day.

Monday I see my optician to have my eyes checked.

After that? Who knows what direction my life will take… but it has to be better than last year.

At least I can drive my car!