Respect and Good Manners


Have you ever missed an appointment?

I did last September.

Well, a double medical appointment was made and a letter posted to me with the time and dates, one week apart. The letter was dated one week before the first appointment. I was in Dublin when the envelope popped through my door. I knew nothing about it. The weather was beautiful, we were having fun and my family and friends encouraged me to stay longer. I did.

By the time I returned home the date of the second appointment had passed.

The space allotted for fasting blood tests was not alone wasted, but someone else was deprived of using that time. A week later, I did not turn up for a cardiology review – only because I was not aware the appointments had been made for me.

I felt guilty, even though it was not entirely my fault.

I immediately phoned to apologise and ask if the appointments could be rescheduled. They were, a good month later. This time, not alone was I there, I was punctual.

I was reminded of that situation today……

I went to have my thatch chopped hair cut. Looking down at the floor, when Dorothy had completed her handiwork, anyone would think that I had been to the groomer’s with Alanah! I was surrounded by a circle in fifty shades of grey!

Fifty shades of Grey

Fifty shades of Grey

As we chatted and caught up on our news, my eye was drawn to a notice on the mirror:

Lost earnings

Lost earnings

I was shocked.

A total loss of £1690.50 STG in five months – that is enough to send a small business into the ground these days.

Once the doors are open, there are overheads.

A single backwash unit can cost anything from £400.00 ex vat upwards, before anyone sits in the chair. Most salons have more than one.
Client styling chairs and mirrors.
Business Rates,
Heating and lighting,
Washing – towels & gowns & cleaning products to keep the salon as customers would like to find it.
Equiptment: Scissors & Razors, Clippers & Trimmers, Dryers, Styling Tools, combs & brushes,
Hair products: Shampoos, conditioners, perm and colouring products.
Staff wages and National Insurance stamp for employees.
Building, Contents and third party Insurance.
Phone rental.

I am sure I have left some items off the list.

With some airlines and holiday companies, ‘no shows’ lose the full cost. Some restaurants who take telephone bookings, ask for phone and credit card numbers and ‘no shows’ are charged a fee.

Why then, do people take a hair stylist for granted? A phone call gives the stylist the opportunity to allow another customer to have that slot and keep food on her table.

In my book it is a matter of common courtesy, good manners and respect.

I am now ready for SPRING…

Ready for Spring

Ready for Spring

Will I do?

28 thoughts on “Respect and Good Manners

  1. nrhatch

    I am good about keeping my appointments . . . but on occasion one slips through the cracks. I feel terrible when it happens.

    Love your new look!

  2. rummuser

    That is an amazing insight into missed appointments. As you know, I am fussy to the point of being aggressive about keeping appointments, but this is one aspect of that misbehaviour that I did not consider so far. Thank you. And, the spring look belongs to a fashion magazine.

    1. Grannymar Post author

      Ramana, I was hoping to give that side of the situation some daylight. In these days of ‘ME. Me, ME!’ and ‘Busy, busy, busy’, people forget the problems their thoughtlessness can cause.

      Fashion magazine? Nah! I’m ready for another visit to The Second ‘Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’!

  3. Brighid

    You look lovely.
    As to missed appts, I try very hard to inform the other party if I have to miss an appt. I have offered partial payment if I was unable to give them enough notice to schedule someone else, I have never been taken up on that.

    1. Grannymar Post author

      Brighid, I hope you are feeling better today. You and I are old school and learned early to keep promises and get up, dress up and show up. It never did us any harm.

  4. Wisewebwoman

    In the days of the internet it’s so easy to cancel without taking up too much time. Even in storms here I always email and say weather prevents and they are grateful enough that I realize that most don’t do this. My hair stylist once remarked to me: Every knows you here as you let us know you can’t make it.
    A sad commentary on today’s lack of courtesy.

  5. nick

    I always make sure I either keep appointments or cancel them in good time. I’m well aware of the cumulative cost when customers/ patients don’t turn up. People who simply don’t show up are selfish and thoughtless.

    1. Grannymar Post author

      I am the same, Nick. The appointment above that I missed was because it was made without my knowledge and I was away when the letter came.

    1. Grannymar Post author

      Dianne, I thought the title suited the photo. My hair has totally changed: not a strand of auburn left and I was dressed in grey the day of the photo with a young dog who sports an old man’s overcoat!

  6. mybeautfulthings

    I like your haircut and your play with the fifty shades of grey! Many people charge for missed appointments and I have noticed at the doctor’s their tally of the missed ones. I have missed by accident too but I bet people would be extra careful if it meant financial loss.

  7. cedar51

    I attend a hair cut place where you almost take a number (on the computer) and the lass says “come back in 20mins or take this seat”

    as to appointments here you often get a phone call the day before for regular businesses of ccourse not for gov’t/public sort of businesses….

    1. Grannymar Post author

      The only person who phones with a reminder a day before an appointment, is my optician. I share a calendar online with Elly, and it sends a reminder to my phone early in the morning, so I remember to plan the day round it. If Elly is looking for me and gets no reply, our calender lets her know if I am away from home or phone. It saves her unnecessary worry.

  8. Dorothy

    Looking great Marie, your little tweaks have made just the right difference, love the makeup too! Thank you for your write up and for bringing awareness to my problem. Always a pleasure having you in my salon chair, love Dorothy xx

    1. Grannymar Post author

      Hi Dorothy, Thank you for visiting my blog. Sometimes customers do not realise that large companies have a built in allowence for losses, which we all pay, whereas a small business does not. Therefore the overall loss to the small business can send it over the cliff to liquidation. May that never happen to you!


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