Morning chat.


GM: “Hello”.

Man: “Hello”.

GM: “Hello”. I am beginning to wonder about this voice, it was a little early in the morning for one of theose heavy breathers!

Man: “Is that XX & X Engineering?”

GM: “Well not unless they took over my house during the night. Maybe I should go look under the beds!”

Man: “Half-hearted mumbling apology”, then he hung up.

I was returning to the chore I was working at, when the phone began to dance and sing once more. I looked at the little screen and the number was the same shape as last time I recognised the last two digits, but could not swear about the others. The shape of the numbers was enough for me.

Putting the phone to my ear, I clicked into the call.

GM: “They are not under the bed!”

Man: “Mumbled apology” without a hint of humour.

GM: “I think you need to go look up the number, before you waste more money interrupting me again.”

He hung up.

I do like phone calls, but not from dead wood first thing in the morning!

8 thoughts on “Morning chat.

    1. Grannymar Post author

      Ramana the effort would have been wasted, in the humour department, he was as dead as a doornail!

  1. nrhatch

    GM: “They are not under the bed!” -> Go you! You’re a live wire even first thing in the morning.

    Man: “Mumbled apology” without a hint of humour. -> :/

    1. Grannymar Post author

      Nancy, once when not in good spirits, I got a call asking if ‘Joe’ was here. “I’ll go take a look!” I said, setting the phone down noisly. I went back to what I was doing and when finished a few minutes later. I went back to the phone. “Are you still there?” I asked breathlessly, “He is not under the bed!” That day the line went dead without as much as a mumbled apology! He didn’t call back!

  2. cedar51

    A couple of weeks ago I got home to a long message on my answerphone – from a representative of some voucher company telling me that “yes you can still use your Christmas vouchers at xyz store. And if there are any problems have the store call me right away” – now I couldn’t understand her name, and the garbled phone number AND of course I wasn’t who ever she thought I was! I thought afterwards, I hope the spendee managed to spend her vouchers wherever it was…

    1. Grannymar Post author

      Cathy, you have reminded me of a few ‘unusual calls’ from the past. I must blog about them!

    1. Grannymar Post author

      Amen! Al, I have had a few ‘Willards’ in my day. I am reminded of one day while helping mammy, she went to answer the phone. The call was short, but she came back to the kitchen laughing heartily. A young lad, no doubt messing about on his parents phone by randomly dialling numbers.

      He asked: “Do you smoke after sex?”

      Quick as a flash, mammy answered : “I haven’t looked lately!” and immediately replaced the telephone receiver!


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