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Art with my Needle ~ mellow yellow

Who remembers this:

Work in Progress

Making the base fabric

or this:

jacket front

jacket front

I wanted to gather and double the fabric at the back, to keep my back warm.

Could I make a butterfly pattern out of the gathers?

Could I make a butterfly pattern out of the gathers?

I got kinda stuck.

Life interfered.

The unfinished creation remained on the dress form for many a month. The fabric was proving too soft for the effect I wanted, so it was a case of getting back to the drawing board once more.

I unpicked my surface stitches until I was back to the knitted fabric. Turning it around so that the pattern was vertical, I doubled it and remade the basic shape once more. The front is now similar, but the back has lost all the extra bulk.

I extended the sleeves while I was in sick-bay, ripping out the the same piece three times!

Now it looks like this:

Jacket back view

Jacket back view

jacket side view

jacket side view

Jacket front

Jacket front

I am not sure about the double buttons… I may remove one and make a finer loop. I still have plenty of yarn

Left over yarn

Left over yarn

Now I wonder what I can make with that?


I’m back!

I have been absent for a week, but it was certainly no holiday. Thank you for your patience with this old patient!

For the first time in sixty eight years I was floored by a problem with the waterworks. My waterworks (UTI).

I was as limp as a wet lettuce, with no interest in blogging or reading anything. The words went in and got lost in the cotton wool of my brain. My energy levels went out the window and all I wanted to do was sleep.

Did I have a temperature? Yes but not in the way you would expect it was 33°C. 35°C would be normal for me, I am the original ice maiden. 37°C is the recognised normal body temperature. Not wanting to go down the antibiotics route, I decided to go for the old home remedies.

Cranberry juice and mammy’s barley water. I know that cranberry Juice is a No-No for anyone on Warfarin, thankfully that is not one of my meds, but I am on a blood thinning drug so still need to be careful.

A glass of cranberry juice was followed by another of boiled water.

I tried to distract myself with an unfinished knitting project. I had to rip out the same piece three times! 😡 Eventually I have finished it, so maybe I will post about it on Wednesday.  🙂

I noticed an improvement yesterday and today.


Maybe by mid week, I’ll be in form to venture out for a walk or a coffee.

I had some surprises in the past few days…

For the first time in thirty seven years of living in this house, I had not one, but two actual candidates for the Westminster Election on 7th May, ring my door bell and…….

Speak to me!

Dear Handsome Prince,


For many years I have lain sleepless in my lonely bed with only spiders for pillow friends.

My pillow partner

My pillow partner

Maybe my being awake is the reason for your non-appearance to kiss me gently on the cheek before whisking me off to your enchanted palace.

I fear the gifts of beauty, wit, grace, dance, song, and music presented to me as an infant princess, by my fairy godmothers, are fading fast.

Last night I did manage three sleeps…. Rather a miracle for me, so perhaps you could tip toe in my direction tonight.

I do make good cakes and treats and chocolate truffles worthy of a prince.

At this stage my garden is so over grown that you may well have passed by thinking it was a setting for Game of Thrones, the Vikings or some other modern day TV epic!

I do realise that like me, age is catching up with you too. Yesterday and again today, I spent time in the wilderness of my garden clearing a narrow pathway of brambles to ease your journey to my bedside.

Clearing brambles

Clearing brambles

Yours hopefully!

Princess Grannymar

April Firsts

I know. I know!

It has been a full week since all those pranksters played their pesky practical jokes!

We in Northern Ireland have far more serious issues to concentrate on right now.

Our Easter Holidays finished last night. The remainder of the western world who mark this Chocolate Egg Eating marathon Christian festival, celebrate from Good Friday through Easter Monday.

Not Northern Ireland. We do things differently! Our official days of celebration are Easter Monday and Tuesday. So this morning many a weary worker is trudging back to sit behind their desks until next month when we will begin and end the month with Bank Holiday weekends!

Over the past few years. changes have been planned, sorted and finally set in motion. On 1st April 2015, a total of 26 different district councils have been reduced to 11. So time and MONEY has been spent in each of these areas, providing all forms of information to ease the path for all the residents. We have new council names, logos, colour schemes and up to the minute online Websites, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

There is absolutely no excuse to miss out on any dates for upcoming events.

For example when we begin the week with a holiday, the bin collection due, often happens one day later than normal. This chart below makes this change very clear!

Alteration to Bin collection dates

Alteration to Bin collection dates

Thanks to my friend Emily for pointing me in this direction.