Daily Archives: April 8, 2015

April Firsts

I know. I know!

It has been a full week since all those pranksters played their pesky practical jokes!

We in Northern Ireland have far more serious issues to concentrate on right now.

Our Easter Holidays finished last night. The remainder of the western world who mark this Chocolate Egg Eating marathon Christian festival, celebrate from Good Friday through Easter Monday.

Not Northern Ireland. We do things differently! Our official days of celebration are Easter Monday and Tuesday. So this morning many a weary worker is trudging back to sit behind their desks until next month when we will begin and end the month with Bank Holiday weekends!

Over the past few years. changes have been planned, sorted and finally set in motion. On 1st April 2015, a total of 26 different district councils have been reduced to 11. So time and MONEY has been spent in each of these areas, providing all forms of information to ease the path for all the residents. We have new council names, logos, colour schemes and up to the minute online Websites, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

There is absolutely no excuse to miss out on any dates for upcoming events.

For example when we begin the week with a holiday, the bin collection due, often happens one day later than normal. This chart below makes this change very clear!

Alteration to Bin collection dates

Alteration to Bin collection dates

Thanks to my friend Emily for pointing me in this direction.