Daily Archives: April 9, 2015

Dear Handsome Prince,


For many years I have lain sleepless in my lonely bed with only spiders for pillow friends.

My pillow partner

My pillow partner

Maybe my being awake is the reason for your non-appearance to kiss me gently on the cheek before whisking me off to your enchanted palace.

I fear the gifts of beauty, wit, grace, dance, song, and music presented to me as an infant princess, by my fairy godmothers, are fading fast.

Last night I did manage three sleeps…. Rather a miracle for me, so perhaps you could tip toe in my direction tonight.

I do make good cakes and treats and chocolate truffles worthy of a prince.

At this stage my garden is so over grown that you may well have passed by thinking it was a setting for Game of Thrones, the Vikings or some other modern day TV epic!

I do realise that like me, age is catching up with you too. Yesterday and again today, I spent time in the wilderness of my garden clearing a narrow pathway of brambles to ease your journey to my bedside.

Clearing brambles

Clearing brambles

Yours hopefully!

Princess Grannymar