Sunday fun.

Ramana was feeling playful the other day and invited his readers to join in this game:

Every answer must start with the first letter of your first name:

First name: Marie
An animal: Mink
A girl’s name: Muriel
A boys name: Michael
A colour: Magenta
A place: Melbourne
A book: Machine Embroidery
A movie: Memento
A drink: Martini
A precious stone: Moldavite
A type of food: Macaroon
An occupation: Metallurgist
An illness: Meningitis
An emotion: Merry – with or without wine! 😛
Something you wear: Mules
A piece of furniture: Mirror
Something in the bathroom: Moisturiser
A reason to be late: Major accident. I did want to say death, but that does not begin with M!
Something you shout out: Magnifique!

10 thoughts on “Sunday fun.

  1. nick

    What would be really challenging would be to string all those into a sentence. Or at any rate a paragraph. Muriel always wears magenta mules in Melbourne….

    1. Grannymar Post author

      I might try that Nick. Years ago on my original blog the categories were listed in the side bar and I wrote a post that included all of them! Maybe I need to get a life! 😆

  2. Brighid

    First name: Brig
    An animal: Bear
    A girl’s name: Bernice
    A boys name: Brandon
    A colour: Black
    A place: Bern
    A book: Black hawk down
    A movie: Batman
    A drink: Beer
    A precious stone: Black onyx
    A type of food: Bread
    An occupation: Brewer
    An illness: Bell’s palsy
    An emotion: Brave
    Something you wear: Bra
    A piece of furniture: Bed
    Something in the bathroom: Basin
    A reason to be late: Behind
    Something you shout out: Behold!


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