Daily Archives: September 20, 2015

Missing in action?


Not me!

I am doing fine. I have been so fortunate, I never expected such a speedy result.

The bubble has cleared from my eye and I can see! I am still fiddling with eye drops four times a day which cause the pupil to remain dilated, thus my self imposed lack of online activity.

Crocheting proved to be easier on my eyes in the past few weeks and I am almost finished a cardigan/jacket… only about twenty more rows to go. Typical me, I see the cardigan in my head – no paper pattern, but it seems to be working out.

I am driving again and getting out when I can.

I hope to resume more regular blogging after I see the Consultant on Tuesday next, 22nd September.

Life is good… even if the evenings are drawing in and the mornings are cooler…. But that had other benefits:-

Drawing the curtains and cosying up to the fire!