The answer to all my dreams!

Yesterday, I got a text message.

Nothing new about that I hear you say. Well in this case it is rather special…

Great News, we have 3886.21 in your name for the accident you had, for us to put in your bank. Now just fill out http:// The text arrived at 4.46pm.

What will I do with it? I sat up thinking about it all night until it dawned on me:

  • Go on a holiday of a lifetime.
  • Have a wild party for all my friends.
  • Put a down payment on a nursing home.
  • Leave it to Elly for…. AFTERWARDS ❗

Oh wait now a minute… it is only 3886.21 and it does not say whether it was £££, $$$ or €€€.

I suppose I could phone the number it came from to check:

+44 7546 3908

I was having a glass of Bucks Fizz, as you do on such occasions and trying to calm the dancing butterflies, when my inner Mrs Sensible began to nag: “You were never really a dreamer, stop and think about  this for a moment. It might prove to be


stones or worse still…


16 thoughts on “The answer to all my dreams!

    1. Grannymar Post author

      Cathy, I seldom get these and when I do, they are deleted immediately. This time I decided to use it as an idea for a fun post.

  1. colonialist

    Oh yes, the automatic reaction now is to wish there was a virtual can of Doom to aim at the sender. I still remember the excitement and subsequent disappointed fury of the first of this genre I received a number of years ago. Now, if some rich relation I had never heard of actually did leave me gazillions, the notification would hardly touch sides before going into trash.

  2. Maxi

    Yeah, right was my first thought when you told us about your new found fortune. Still, bet you had fun kickin’ round the ways you could have some fun with all that dough. More fun than cleanin’ all that dust you can see now with your eye all better.
    blessings ~ maxi

    1. Grannymar Post author

      Ramana, any gullible lady the world over might bite off more than she could chew with those spammers.

  3. nick

    The scammers get ever more inventive, don’t they? The really dangerous ones are the ones that look exactly like an official document from (say) your bank, complete with the genuine logos and all that. Of course some of them give themselves away immediately with a host of typos and faulty grammar. Note to scammers – first master the English language!

  4. Al

    I’m tired of these louts trying to scam innocent people like you, Marie. Send me your bank account number and online entry code and I will trace this text to its origin and have them arrested.

    1. Grannymar Post author

      I trust you, Al. Not everyone who lands on this page can be trusted so I will give them to you in code: All my Pins

      Please keep them to yourself! 😉


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