Family weirdness

I had an idea for a lighter post today, it began like this:

Granny had a coal hole – that wasn’t.

Nana had folding doors that didn’t

I had an under-the-stairs… in a house with no stairs.

I hope this gene skipped my Elly!


Over the next few days, I hope to tell you more about them…

Then it will be your turn.

14 thoughts on “Family weirdness

    1. Grannymar Post author

      Hopefully I’ll get round to the first instalment later today. Now time to ready myself for a morning of knitting and nattering… for me it will be crocheting and laughing! It does my heart good.


    Is a coal hole not a coal hole if it is whole coal?
    You have to adore doors that don’t fold.
    Is an understairs in a house with no stairs like a mudroom in a house with no mud?
    Looking forward to seeing more.

    1. Grannymar Post author

      I will have to think about my answers to your questions,Lyn… I do know that a door is not a door when it is ajar ( A JAR). Boom Boom!

  2. Maxi

    I’ll be laughing all morning over the door ajar, GM. Think I’ll take a jar and put it on the kitchen counter … keep the giggle going.
    blessings ~ maxi

  3. Al

    I specialized in cryptography when I was in the Navy, but could not break this code…..£$€£$€£$€. I’m sending it on to Bletchly Park.


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